Website design

Your website has a purpose, and our team of creative designers, superfast developers, vigilant project managers and savvy SEO experts will help you get there. From personal web pages to complex application platforms, SoftNEP streamlines your journey.

Fast, crisp, user-friendly sites

We understand the core processes essential to building a website, and will ensure that your website reflects your objectives. Whether you’re looking for a personal web page or a complex web-based application platform, your vision will be represented from concept design to site launch. We employ state-of-the-art graphics and animation as well as database connectivity to enhance user experience. What’s more, our content management tools allow you to adapt your website to your changing needs with a minimum of fuss.

We work closely with our clients to achieve a quality outcome. Designing a website involves four essential steps. This is a collaboration between you and SoftNEP: we never forget that it’s your website we’re designing. You tell us where you want to go – we’ll take you there.
Website Design

We take a four step approach to website design:

  • Discover


    This is the blueprint for the development of your website. In this crucial first step, we compile a Specification Document that details your website’s goals and builds a sitemap to achieve them.

  • Design


    Once we know what you’re looking for, we create a ‘look’ through professional mock-ups of web pages. This is not take it or leave it, but a process of feedback and editing to get your site just right.

  • Development


    This is where we get to work on the engine of your website. All coding is done according to W3 standards, and we keep you in the loop with continual updates.

  • Deliver on Time

    Going live

    With your requirements met, we quality assure our work. Your website is now ready to go live, and we’re at hand to take care of all the technicalities. We can also guide your Internet Marketing strategy.