Digital Campaigns
A three-pronged marketing strategy that employs social media, search engine optimization, and newsletters will ensure your product is noticed.

Online Marketing in Nepal

You know you’ve got a great product, so how do you tap into the business opportunities of the web? If you know what to do, it’s not that difficult.

As an IT company in Nepal - SoftNEP helps you harvest the rewards of your creative work. We employ cutting-edge integrated Online Marketing strategies incorporating social media marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, email campaigns, newsletter campaigns, and more. Through careful market research and flexible online marketing strategies, we’ll grow your business, surely and steadily.

The world of online marketing has grown a lot in the past years. From offline marketing of pamphlets, hoarding boards, and door-to-door marketing, marketing has shifted to online platforms of Search Engines, Social Media, and Display ads. On top of that, affiliate marketing has been ruling most B2B marketing. With growing opportunities also come competition and a widening of the market.

We, at SoftNEP, dig deep into the market to find you the best online marketing strategies to get you a desirable Return On Investment (ROI).